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We strive to eliminate the obstacles related to obtaining car loan. We help you take charge of your car-buying journey by utilizing technology, adaptive financing solutions, and outstanding customer service.

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Financing A Car For Self Employed Just Got Easier

You can get a car loan even if you are self employed. However, auto lenders seek additional documentation to prove that you’re capable of paying for a car.

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Can I Buy a Car while Self Employed?

Yes, definitely. If you've got the funds to purchase a vehicle upfront, nothing should stop you.

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We can help you with a self employed auto loan

JourneyApproved is glad to partner with self employed individuals to get them approved for a vehicle loan. Just find the car of your choice and leave everything else to us!

Get A Self Employed Auto Loan in Canada

While it could be challenging to obtain auto financing for self employed, certain factors can help increase your chances of approval and receiving an acceptable rate.

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Build a Good Credit

Strive for an outstanding credit score to qualify for reduced interest rates.

self employed car finance

Get Your Earnings Verified

When seeking a car loan, be ready with your most recent bank statements and tax records from the previous two years on hand.

getting a car loan while self employed

Make a Larger Down Payment

By making a sizable down payment, you can demonstrate that you can afford a car and also lower the amount of the loan you are seeking.

self employed auto loan

Get Ready For Your Self Employed Auto Loan Approval

Purchasing a car in Canada while self employed entails particular concerns, especially about credit records and proof of income.

You may improve your odds of obtaining suitable financing terms by compiling the necessary paperwork and keeping up a solid financial profile. Setting a reasonable budget, looking into appropriate cars, and evaluating leasing solutions will also assist you in making an informed choice that fits both your personal and professional requirements.

Remember to get guidance from a tax counsellor or financial expert to ensure you understand the procedure and choose what’s best for the situation at hand. 

Our experts at JourneyApproved would love to assist you in getting a car loan while self employed if you’ve decided to apply for one.

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Yes, even if you are self employed, you can get financing for purchasing a car with JourneyApproved. It’s best to research this before applying because the requirements for approval differ for self employed candidates than for regular applicants. 

It’s contingent upon the type of business you operate. It can be worthwhile to think about it if your job demands that you travel frequently.

While obtaining a car loan is dependent on multiple factors, the JourneyApproved team can assist you. We will request certain personal information regarding your financial position when you apply. We may also require more documentation from you to complete our affordability checks.

Considering they don’t have a steady source of income, some lenders would rather not lend money to self employed individuals.

We are an expert lender that can assist self employed individuals with auto financing. We can help you navigate the process if you apply today.

To qualify for a vehicle loan from us, you have to fulfil our lending requirements:
  • Aged between 20 and 75
  • A valid Canadian driving license
  • Two consecutive months of payslips.
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