How to Protect Your Car from Theft?

Posted : June 28, 2024
how to protect your car from theft?

The number of cars stealing cases are rising in Canada. Thieves are able to easily steal the most car models or swiftly break into them in a minute or two. This turns out to be a huge financial strain on Canadians. The situation has also raised insurance rates. However, there are some steps how to protect your car from theft

Remote Start System

If a person leaves his car unattended, even for a brief period of time, the car might be an easy target for thieves. Auto thieves may find it easier to jump into a running car and take it away in a few seconds. Instead, you should consider using a remote start system.

The system is designed to allow the driver to start his or her own car with the press of a button while ensuring the doors remain locked. Thus, it allows your car to warm up without putting it at risk of being stolen. So, the best way to prevent car theft is to have a remote start system.

Park It in a Locked Garage

One easy way to prevent car theft to have a safe garage. With a convenient access to a private garage, you will keep your car locked inside it while ensuring that garage stays locked too. A garage serves as a physical barrier, which hides your car from potential thieves.

It is an extra layer of security. Typically, thieves look for easy targets. So, they try to avoid obstacles of breaking a huge garage in. They are less likely to break this extra layer of security. Thus, parking your vehicle in a secured garage will reduce the visibility and accessibility of your car. 

Emergency Brake When Parking

For a comprehensive protect, incorporate the emergency brake in car especially when parking. This is a wonderful way to secure your car from rolling. Moreover, this practice will further complicate theft attempt of thieves. The emergency brake makes it harder for them to tow your car because the rear tires are locked. The stealing practice becomes harder if your car has been parked against another vehicle or a wall.

Invest in Signal-Blocking Accessories for Key Fobs

Some cutting-edge accessories such as a signal-blocking pouch, etc. in your car can enhance its security. Such items accurately block the key fob’s signal. They thus prevent thieves from relaying it to unlock car. Place your key fob away from doors, windows, etc. This will minimize signal interception. The implementation of such measures is important to safeguard your vehicle from high-tech theft methods and keep your car safe.

High-Quality Steering Wheel Lock

One of the best car theft prevention techniques is having an anti-theft device that efficiently immobilizes the steering wheel. The visible presence of an anti-theft device itself can act as a strong deterrent. A car equipped with security measures is safer. So, consider investing in a high-quality steering wheel lock to complicate their efforts to steal your car. Invest in reliable car theft prevention systems.

Always Lock Your Car Doors and Windows

Make sure you lock doors and windows properly. Even if you lock doors but keep windows partially open, your safety will be compromised. Make sure all windows and doors are locked to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access. Double-check if you have locked everything properly or not. 

Etching VIN for Enhanced Theft Prevention

You should etch your VIN, Vehicle Identification Number, onto the windows and visible parts of your car. A VIN serves as a unique identifier. It helps track and recover stolen vehicles. Thieves are less likely to steal your car if VINs is etched on it. This is because even if they steal such cars, they will have to invest in the glass replacement to sell that car. So, one of the best car theft prevention tips to ensure your VIN is displayed on your car. 

GPS Tracking Devices to Safeguard Your Vehicle

Some advanced tracking devices utilize GPS technology. These devices emit a signal or enable a monitoring service to track the location of your vehicle. When a theft occurs, the information can turn out to be extremely valuable.

A Hidden Kill Switch

A kill switch, if integrated into the electrical circuit of your car, also serves as an effective security device. It efficiently disables a fuel system. It thus prevents your car from starting. Mostly, such switches are hidden in such locations, which makes them difficult for thieves to find as well as bypass. A kill switch thus adds an extra layer of security. 

Stay Informed

One of the easiest ways to prevent car theft in Canada is to stay updated on theft trends. Keep following local or regional news, community forums, etc. to familiarize yourself with the tactic’s thieves are employing. Also, keep checking your vehicle regularly for any suspicious devices inside wheel wells or behind gap caps. Stay proactive. 


It is essential to protect your car by implementing such smart measures. Consider investing in some advanced systems, adding some tracking devices, and also having various security layers to safeguard your car. Knowing your vehicle is secure will give you peace of mind. For more information or personalized advice on how to prevent car theft, seek expert guidance.

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Auto Finance Expert

Jack Fortin is one the leading car loan and auto finance experts in British Columbia, Canada. He loves to write and share car loan news and updates.

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