How to Pay Off Auto Loan Faster?

Posted : December 22, 2023
how to pay off auto loan faster

Simplifying rides with pay off auto loan faster options can be the right move for many people who don’t have extra money to purchase a car on their own. Even if you qualify for a car loan in Canada with the best rates possible, knowing how to pay car loan faster could help you to save money.

However, a series of factors must be carefully considered before you proceed, especially factors such as interest rates, financial stability, and budget. They do play a role. Consider all variables before deciding whether to pay down an auto loan faster or not. 

When to Pay Off Auto Loan Faster?

The circumstances where it seems a sensible move to consider paying off the car loan faster are:

  • Salary increase
  • Additional funds, e.g. tax refund
  • Willingness to finance savings
  • Looking for debt freedom
  • Higher interest rate
  • Auto loan with variable interest rate

On the other side, one should not consider paying off a car loan early under these circumstances:

  • Loan with prepayment penalties
  • Difficult for you to keep up with additional payment
  • You have other debts to pay

Easy Tips On How To Pay Off Car Loan Faster And Save Money In The Long Run

Unlock Opportunities with Refinancing

You can choose the option of refinancing, which will allow you to change your interest rate and car loan duration. This will help you refinance a loan with a minimum interest rate and for a short period. Before you plan to consider refinancing, study the costs and fees of the new loan against the amount you could save.

Switch to Biweekly Payment

Paying twice a month instead of paying once will help you pay off auto loan faster and also reduce the interest costs. Essentially, it will reduce the principal loan amount. Additionally, the rate of interest will be accumulated in less time before making a biweekly payment.

Larger Payment

Make large payments by paying off auto loans with bonuses, tax returns, and another sizeable amount of cash. This will prevent the interest rate from accruing and more payments will move towards the principal amount and result in early paying off of auto loans.

Additional Payment

You can pay off auto loans faster by making additional payments and rounding up your payments to the nearest whole numbers. Additionally, you might be paying for unnecessary items like gap insurance, and warranties; this can be cancelled which will later help in reduction in your monthly costs.

Any Extra Car Costs?

Sometimes, dealerships include costs associated with warranties and gap insurance with auto loan purchases. If you decide to cancel coverage, you can save money in your monthly cost and pay off your loan quickly.

It is essential to understand certain factors and circumstances to understand the overall situation. Preventing the situation of accumulating interest, will help you pay less interest overall and if you are regular with paying off auto loans every month, it will help in increasing your credit score.

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Jack Fortin
Auto Finance Expert

Jack Fortin is one the leading car loan and auto finance experts in British Columbia, Canada. He loves to write and share car loan news and updates.

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