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cars resale value
5 Ways How to Increase Car Resale Value in Canada 14 May 2024

From the time you hit the road in your new car, the car worth decreases. The vehicle becomes less worthy with each day passing by. In the coming times, you will find the need to surrender your used car for some resale value.

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pros of buying a used car
6 Pros Of Buying a Used Car (Over a New Car) 3 May 2024

If you are in the state of should I buy a new car or used car, you must explore the advantages of buying a used car. Opting for a used car comes with its own set of benefits that buyers shouldn’t ignore.

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can't get approved for a car loan
Can’t Get Approved for A Car Loan? Here’s What to Do 19 April 2024

If you can’t get approved for a car loan, rest assured, it is common for a lender to reject your car loan application for various reasons. In certain situations, you can get a car loan approved by working on your reasons for denial. This blog will explain some of the common reasons why you might have been denied a car loan and what steps you can take to get car loan.

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how to save gas while driving
10 Best Ways to Save Fuel While Driving and Maintaining 11 April 2024

Tired of Exorbitant Fuel Bills? You may have heard several pieces of advice on saving fuel by using methods like carpooling or using public transport. Here is a guide that will help you with some simple driving and maintenance fuel efficient techniques that can save gas prices. Excessive usage of fuel is not only damaging your […]

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automotive sector trends 2024
Automotive Sector Trends to Watch Out For in 2024 3 April 2024

The top trends in the automotive industry of 2024 are the most discussed auto industry topics. This year will see significant transportation advancements, from electrified to self-driving automobiles.

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best road trip cars
Best Road Trip Cars: Plan an Unforgettable Journey Today 29 March 2024

Embarking on a road trip through Canada is an adventure, promising breathtaking landscapes from British Columbia’s coastal roads to Saskatchewan’s prairies.

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Salvage and Rebuilt Title Cars
Salvage and Rebuilt Title Cars: What You Should Know? 15 March 2024

The car rebuilt meaning is that, at some point in the car’s life, it was extremely damaged and declared as a total loss by a car insurance company. If the car goes on sale, it gets the rebuilt title meaning that the car was repaired or rebuilt by someone. Before you go on to get […]

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What is APR in Car Financing
What is APR in Car Financing? 8 March 2024

What is APR for Cars? The Annual Percentage Rate, or APR, is a crucial part of any lending arrangement or loan. In essence, the annual percentage rate, or APR, is the whole cost of borrowing money over a time period of one year. This rate includes all other fees and costs related to the loan […]

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Can You Pay Off a Car Loan Early
Can You Pay Off Car Finance Early in Canada? 27 February 2024

Are you wondering if can you pay off car finance early? Here is your comprehensive guide.

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