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Having trouble getting an approved car loan in Canada because of bad credit? This is one of the biggest hurdles in applying for a car loan.

At JourneyApproved, we understand that past financial mistakes can make applying for a car loan seem impossible. That’s why we want to help you with the process for car financing regardless of your credit history.

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Guaranteed Auto loans for bad credit at JourneyApproved

JourneyApproved Can Almost Guarantees Auto Financing

Financing a new car can be a hassle. Getting an auto loan can seem nearly impossible if you’ve made a few financial mistakes.

This is where JourneyApproved becomes a significant resource to help you get your first vehicle or an upgrade. We can almost guarantee auto financing that fits your needs and help you drive your dream car home.

Contact JourneyApproved today, whether you’re new to Canada or have a poor credit score. Ensure you follow the eligibility criteria, submit the required documents, and have your favourite car in mind!


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Guaranteed car loans ensure you can acquire an auto loan regardless of your credit history. Our in-house financing will help you realize your dream.

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Whether you have a bad credit score, are working to build your credit, or are new to Canada, JourneyApproved will work to help you get a guaranteed car loan for bad credit.

Requirements to Get Guaranteed Approval Auto Financing Loan for Bad Credit People

Requirements for Guaranteed Auto Loans

While guaranteed loans don’t require a credit check, there are several criteria you still have to meet. When applying for JourneyApproved’s guaranteed approval auto loans for bad credit, ensure you fulfill the following requirements:


You should be 21 years of age (minimum), have stable employment of a minimum of 3 months, and earn a minimum of CAD 2000.

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Submit proof of Canadian address, recent pay, and proof of income.

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You should have a valid Government-approved ID, financial details, employment history (preferably three years), and other documents like bank statements, utility bills, or further ID proof.


A down payment towards your car loan (Fixed amount/percentage of car price).

What are the Benefits of Collaborating with JourneyApproved for a Car Loan?

For guaranteed auto loans for bad credit, you can depend on JourneyApproved, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • 99.9% guarantee on the loan
  • No consideration of poor credit ratings
  • Quick and instant guaranteed approval of car loans and disbursal process
  • Efforts to save time, money, and inconvenience, as the entire process can be done in the comfort of your home
  • Assignment of one designated consultant who will help you with all kinds of financial transactions like purchasing, financing, trading, etc.
  • Excellent customer reviews, testimonials, and outstanding consumer support department
Easy Car Loan Approval Guaranteed

Consumer Reviews and Testimonials

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99.9% Approval Guaranteed by JourneyApproved

We offer auto loans to individuals with all types of credit because we don’t let a poor credit score get in the way of our customers getting the car they need.


A credit score is the rating attributed to you, depending on how you manage and repay your debt and finances. It falls in the range of 300 – 900, and the higher your credit score, the better your credibility.

Several sites and online platforms provide free access to check your credit rating at least once a month. There are also sites through which you can file for a correction or change in your credit score if it has not been updated correctly.

Although it’s difficult to predict how and when your credit scores will change, consistently paying off your car loan should positively influence your credit rating.

The eligibility criteria to apply for a car loan by Journeyapproved is:

  • You should be 21 years old
  • You should have an address in Canada and a valid Driving License
  • You should have a stable job, with a minimum three month-tenure and a minimum earning of CAD 2,000 or more

The monthly payment you make towards your car loan should not exceed 10% of your income. For example, if you earn CAD 90000 a year, you should buy a car within CAD 9000 (10% of 90000). So, your monthly installment should be 9000/12 = CAD 750

To finance your car with JourneyApproved, you must submit a credit application. This will be shared with multiple car loan providers, and based on the requirements and your eligibility, you will start getting offers if the application gets approved. JourneyApproved also helps you consider the best auto loan option and vehicle according to your budget and approval.

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